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We love cycling

When we ride our bicycles through the Salzburger Land, we take our time ...

... we want to enjoy the cycling region in front of our door. Ok, the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt has real roadbike sport in it's genes and we are part of a real roadbike region, but still, we want to enjoy every minute of our time and take it easy on our bicycles.

The relaxing factor starts when you choose your sports equipment. You do not have to choose a roadbike. We also have "normal bicycles" in our rental center. Or do you want to try an e-bike? When you use an electric motor in you bicycle, you can ride your bike much longer and can have much more fun, as expected.

Cycling summer resort in the Gastagwirt

Plearure cycling trip around the Wallersee

Take your bicycle around the Wallersee

The route around the Wallersee is full of attractions and beautiful landscapes. Along the route there are plenty of viewpoints and we ride our bikes to a couple of stops and rest-points. But we do not only take rests - the route takes us to the Wenger Moor, which is a naturally protected area since 1973. Therefore we find much to see and to learn.

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With our bicycles to the city of Salzburg

We start at the Gastagwirt and ride our bikes to Salzburg

Arts, culture, shopping - and everything really close. Yes, we can also take our car to the city of Salzburg. BUT the cycling tour via the legendary Ischler-track is way more rural and cool. After arriving the city, the bicycle is also the best means of transport within the city. The cycling tracks in the city are more than modern and good - you also get nice views to arts and culture.

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With the e-bike to Bad Ischl

With the e-bike to Bad Ischl and back

To the city of the emperor with the e-bike. No problem - you do not have to take an e-bike though. For those of you, who want to do the route without the electric power, we also offer "normal" bikes or roadbikes. With our without electric power - after the tour, we visit the famous pastry shop Zauna in Bad Ischl.

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And after the bicycle trip ...

It is time for enjoying and relaxing. No matter how active the trip was. Fresh air and summer resort hake hungry. Return happy to the Gastagwirt and enjoy a nice dinner after an amazing day. A day full of impressions and experience in the summer resort region Salzburger Land.

Do you want to be part of a summer resort bicycle trip through the Salzburger Land?

So find your way to the Salzburger Land in July ans August 2015 and become our guests in the Gasthof Gastagwirt. We ride our bicycles all summer long and check out our region. In summer we look forward to show you our region and the most beautiful spots along our ways. What do you think?

The Maislinger family looks forward meeting you soon!

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