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Roadbike Events

ROADBIKE events around the Roadbike hotel Gastagwirt in the roadbike region Salzburger Land Salzkammergut

It's been a couple of years, but in the year 2006 Salzburg hostet the international cycling world championships. Some say this was the initial step to establish the cycling sport within the Salzburger Land. The Salzburger Land is not a random roadbike region - we talk about one of the most beautiful, diversified and most amazing roadbike reigons of the country.

We have established a couple of amazing roadbike events after the example of the world championships. Not every roadbiker just wants to cruise around or go for a spin all by himself. Are you one of those roadbikers, who sometimes want to compete? Don't you love the flair of a huge roadbike event and do you like the thrill just before the start?

If you do so, than the Salzburger Land is the right location for you. Our region, the places and especially our roadbike hotels like the roadbikehotel Gastagwirt specialize in roadbike events. The programmes are amazing, the events show perfect organisation and the hotels make your stay to a nice experience.

Which events are especialley good in the roadbikereigon Salzburger Land Salzkammergut? What should not be missed and where can be expected the most of relaxation and holiday feeling? Here on this page you will find a list of roadbike events within our region. Have fun reading through our events and with the planning and the preparation of you events.

Roadbike events in the roadbike region Salzburger Land Salzkammergut

Eddy Merckx Classic 07. September 2014

... high end classic event around the location of Eugendorf

Mondseeland roadbike marathon 29. Juni 2014

... Five lakes - one marathon - many impressions

Mondseeland Triathlon 24. August 2014

... not only roadbiking, but also swimming and running

Trumer Triathlon 18. - 20. Juli 2014

... a beautiful lake, a nice roadbike-route and a very romantic running track

On our roadbike through the Salzburger Land

You want to be part of the roadbike paradise Salzburger Land? Then you should book your individual Gastagwirt Roadbike Package today!

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